Welcome To My Collection

Despite working for just several years, I've had the time to explore several themes I find interesting and worth communicating. Have a browse below, and just click on the button if you think you'd like to explore the themes with me.

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Life Through An Asperges Lense

Focusing on the subject of mental health and the evolution of a subject and their mind throughout their lifetime, this was the first project in which I explored the idea of conveying to an audience personality though colour and composition. (2015-2016)

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Four Hour Studies

This collection explores the idea of modern idols, and in a similar way to my other projects, wish to purvey a sense of personality and familiarity to an audience through their vibrant colours. The palette used was inspired by religious iconography to immortalise these unconventional heroes. Much like the concerts that these people performed, these, too, were performed live in just four hours each (2016-Present)

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The House That Hendrix Built

As I finished my studies and simultaneously wrapped up several years in a band, this was somewhat of a retrospective on that time. Reflecting the idea of iconography, I also explored the trials of being a performer; the anxiety, the fatigue, the doubt, but then also the highs, and the lights, and the energy. (2016)