Photo by Rob Blackham of

Photo by Rob Blackham of

Jack Browning 

Jack is a 21-year-old fine artist from the South East of England. Fascinated by conveying personality through abstract portraiture and cityscapes, his pieces are constructed with an emotive use of medium, tactile surfaces and the thoughtful consideration of colour.

After studying under Tim Sinnott and Dan Smith and surrounding himself in the works of Hook, Perez, Kiefer, Rembrandt, Da Vinci, Cezanne and other titanic names, Jack became a working, freelance artist. Completing commissions that have shipped worldwide, and painting live at events, Jack has quickly become a recognised name in the home counties and further afield, and spends time spent away from the studio teaching students in Southend his process.

Jack has exhibited in Chelmsford, at The Royal Hotel in Southend, and most notably, alongside Terry Pastor at the Cambridge Guildhall (All The Young Dudes, September 2017). His most recent exhibition was at the FAYAP centre in Framlingham in December of 2017.

Moreover, Jack has worked with incredible musician (and human being!), Wilko Johnson, and has painted actor (and friend!) Darren Paul Kent (Game of Thrones, Blood Drive, My Feral Heart).

"Concept has always mattered to me as much as the visual outcome. I want to convey people and place, by snapshotting them in an instant and sharing that moment with an audience. I think art is as valid a language as word or letters."

"As for my cityscapes, the idea is to juxtapose what people see as 'the real world' with the actual real world - nature. Coming from a city but moving to the countryside when I was younger, I've often thought about this theme - now, I think, is the right time to explore this.'